History Section

German Doctors Nairobi (Baraka Health Centre)

The project began: 1997

Number of doctors at present: 5

Missions: 45 voluntary missions in 2019. German doctors performed a total of 926 voluntary missions from 1997 to the end of 2019.

Patient contacts: More than 60,000 treatments are performed annually in Nairobi.

Partner: The German Doctors have been registered as a responsible body with its own legal entity since 2012. The HIV program works in close cooperation with the Christian Health Association of Kenya. We cooperate with one dollar glass to provide eye care.

Structure: Six doctors work in a permanent outpatient clinic, the Baraka Health Centre, in the Mathare Valley slum.

Mission site: Mathare Valley, the second-largest slum in Nairobi, whose inhabitants are estimated at 430,000.

Most common health problems: HIV/AIDS and its opportunistic infections, tuberculosis, malaria, gastrointestinal diseases, pneumonia, diabetes, asthma, and undernourishment.

Priorities: Aside from general medical treatment, we concentrate on work with patients living with HIV/AIDS. Since undernourishment contributes decisively to child mortality, our nourishment program is an important component of the Nairobi project.


Vision Statement

A dignified life for every marginalized and vulnerable person in Kenya.


Mission Statement

To provide accessible, quality, and sustainable medical services to the marginalized and vulnerable as well as creating an environment for prevention and awareness for a healthy living, making them custodians of their wealth.

Core Values


Is the conduct, behavior, and attitude of someone in a work or business environment.

Respect and compassion

Treat people how you'd like to be treated: with kindness, courtesy, and politeness. Actively listening to others without judging them.


Everyone receives fair treatment.


Carry out the correct tasks in the right way, with the least waste of time and effort.


The degree to which something is successful in producing the desired result; success.


Refers to having upstanding character traits and work ethics including sound judgment, honesty, dependability, and loyalty.