Key Staffs

Victor Odera

CCC Pharmacy

The Lead CCC Pharmaceutical Technologist is responsible for the general management of the pharmacy at the CCC and related equipment, making sure that all required medicine is available and issued in the correct doses courses to the patients.

Joseph Tolo


He is the General Head of Security of the organization. He ensures the team of security does their work efficiently and professionally. He is also currently the organizational photographer. He likes to socialize, travelling, having fun and listening to music.

Elijah Magongo

Strategic Information

He is in charge of managing Information Systems and IT infrastructure. He is also the monitoring and evaluation point person for the CCC and manages the EMR and other applications like Ushauri and eHTS.

Joseph Shiundu

Child Protection Officer

His responsibility is to ensure all staff adhere to the organization's Child protection policy, Create awareness in the community on child safeguarding, and coordinate children's activities. He has over 10 years of working experience in the community.

Evans Opar

GHC Pharmacy

Evans is the lead pharmaceutical technologist in GHC at German Doctors Nairobi, and he has worked for over 10 years in the organization.   He is also a member of the pharmaceutical society of Kenya.

Jane Wakarima

Assistance Coordinator CCC

She is a Nurse Lead at the Comprehensive Care Clinic(CCC). Ensure there is a smooth running of daily activities by ensuring the availability of working equipment to be used by clinicians. She has worked for the German Doctors Nairobi for over 20 years.

Eunice Adhiambo

TB Clinic

She is in charge of the TB Clinic, ensuring patients are screened for TB, initiated on Treatment or TPT, and counseling them to ensure they stay in treatment and complete treatment.

Fanise Otwori

Assistance Head Nurse at GHC

She is the Assistance Head Nurse at the General Health Clinic(GHC), ensuring that the operations run smoothly at the Clinic. She has over 10 years of experience in that field. She is ready to experience new challenges and is passionate about his work.

Rodah Mwanzari

Counselling Department

She is the coordinator of the Counseling department and has been a team member at German Doctors Nairobi since the year 2010.  She has over 10 years of experience working in HIV/AIDS programs and she loves socializing, adventure and music.

Wilfresher Osore

TAS Department

She is the lead of Treatment Adherence, and Support(TAS). Responsible for following up with clients before enrollment to ensure retention and enhanced adherence counseling,  she has worked for over 10 years with the German Doctors Nairobi.

Samira Nassir


Samira Nassir is a registered nutritionist with 10 years of working experience. She also plays a major role in nutrition education and counseling patients with different health conditions. She diligently manages 3 school-feeding programs and the wet-feeding program

Moses Apela

Sickle Cell Clinic

Moses Apela is a clinical officer by profession, he is the head of the sickle cell clinic at the facility.

Beth Njuguna

Translator Representative Department

Beth is the lead of the translator team in the organization.

Lydiah Asituha

Laboratory Department

She is in charge of the organization's laboratory and has over 10 years of working experience.  Ensures that all laboratory procedures are done accordantly, and making sure that all test results are timely, accurate, and precise. Ensures general laboratory safety measures are followed.

David Waithaka

Health Records Department

He is the Lead of the Health Records Department with key responsibilities which includes, Collecting, Analyzing, Reporting, Storage, and Retrieving Medical Records to aid in monitoring the trend of diseases and research.

Charles Ombonya

Logistic Departmental

He is the Lead of the Logistics Department. He is a mechanical engineer, and he ensures that all vehicles are in a good state for use, he has a responsibility to ensure the doctors are picked up on arrival and back on a daily basis for their duties.

Caroline Wamalwa

CQI Committee & Infection Control, and Orthopedic

She is the lead of a Triage and the committee mentioned above,  She has worked for Baraka for over 10 years of experience.

Fredrick Makoha

Cleaning & Generator Maintenance

Fredrick is the head of the cleaning department in the organization and also maintenance of the power station at the facility e.g running a generator in case of power loss.