Dr. Harald Kischlat, born in Berlin in 1967, has been working for the German Doctors since 2002. Following his university studies at the Free University in Berlin and the Bonn University and after being awarded his PhD, Dr. Kischlat was employed at the Albertus Magnus Institute in Bonn and worked in the field of IT consulting. He was deputy business manager of the German Doctors from 2002-2006 and managing director from 2006-2010. He is currently a member of the organization’s Board of Directors.

Dr. Kischlat, father of two grown children, regularly visits the projects on site to exchange information with the local teams and to plan each project’s further development together with his co-director, Dr. Christine Winkelmann. His work on the Board of Directors, which he took up in 2011, includes managing the organization, administrative tasks, coordinating partner projects, PR work, and fund-raising. He aims to put the German Doctors on a firm financial basis and ensure the best possible conditions for every aspect of its work so that existing projects can be continued, and new ones can be initiated that will have a positive impact on people in developing countries.

Dr. Christine Winkelmann is part of the Board of Directors of the German Doctors e. V. and is responsible for project support and development. She is therefore also responsible for the German Doctors’ medical missions on site. Dr. Winkelmann dedicates herself to the maintenance of existing cooperations and building new ones in the countries where we have projects, as well as to the further development of the contents of these projects.

Before Dr. Winkelmann began working with the German Doctors in 2019, she was the Deputy Division Head of the Federal Center for Health Education. Her key activities were the in the fields of health promotion and disease prevention, cooperation with the WHO, sexual and reproductive health, and HIV and other sexually-transmitted diseases. Following her postdoctoral degree in studies of modern China at the Cologne University, she was a volunteer in the Action Alliance Against AIDS and worked as a consultant in development policy for various organizations in the field of development cooperation.