Operation Triple Zero (OTZ)

OTZ is operation triple zero which should be people living with HIV/aids and has an age limit of 10-19, Aim is to achieve; zero missed appointments, zero missed drugs, zero viral loads, and improved quality of life. OTZ is a club and there are some principles/criteria that should be followed while enrolling them in a club;

OTZ principle; Asset-based approach the adolescent is an asset, Adolescent-centered, voluntary, self-health management, self-commitment, self-motivation and positive connections. The criteria are for facility selection and those criteria are; Facility implementing Adolescent Package of care(APOC); At least 1 staff trained on APOC.APOC is an adolescent package of care; Adequate facility-based staff to support training; Adolescent peer-oriented on APOC and OTZ; Available meeting space; Trained and experienced counselor working with the adolescent.

OTZ as some of the qualification for an adolescent to be in OTZ, that is; Myself, My commitment, My determination to achieve and maintain the 3 zeroes, My membership in the OTZ club. There are some implementation procedures; Provide OTZ orientation to the facility comprehensive care clinic(CCC)staff; identify an OTZ facility team consisting of a dedicated facility clinician, nurse, counselor, and an adolescent or youth peer for care and treatment and PMTCT(where applicable); Obtain OTZ rester, Appointment Diary, OTZ Pledge, Treatment Plan, Literacy material and the facility phone; Begin education(OTZ orientation slides) and voluntary enrollment of adolescents to the OTZ clubs and the regulation social platform for weekly motivational messages. Orientation is done during adolescent clinic days;