Nutrition Section

Nutrition Center serves as a referral site for other BHC components when a need for nutritional intervention is noted. It offers several services including treatment of children with severe and moderate acute malnutrition, treatment of rickets, offers formula milk for orphaned and vulnerable/abandoned infants, wet feeding for malnourished children and adults or social cases as well as for pupils of three slum schools, nutrition education for people with chronic condition, and cooking lessons targeting expectant mothers and those with young children.


Nutrition Centre:

Acts as a referral site for the General Health Clinic, Comprehensive Care Clinic, the Community, and other facilities, for patients who require any nutrition intervention.


The following are the Services Offered:

  • Treatment of Severe Acute Malnutrition without complication for < 5 years.
  • Treatment of moderate acute malnutrition for Children < 5 years.
  • Daily wet feeding program.
  • Counseling for patients and Diabetes, Hypertension, and other medical conditions.
  • Aerobics for patient and Diabetes, Hypertension and other medical Overweight.
  • Treatment of malnutrition for TB patients, elderly, pregnant and lactating mothers, and other malnourished adults.
  • Treatment for children with Rickets.
  • Cooking lessons for pregnant mothers and patients of children with moderate malnutrition, chronics malnutrition, and children starving complementary feeding at 6 months, also patients of children with other conditions e.g anemia.
  • Free physiotherapy for children.
  • School feeding program.
  • Counselling, Education & Support group for children with sickle cell and also their caregivers.
  • Growth monitoring for children.
  • Vitamin A supplementation & Deworming.
  • Treatment of malnutrition for TB patients, elderly, pregnant and locating mothers & other malnutrition Adults.
  • Support groups for Diabetes, Hypertension & Children with Disability.